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Juno– oh yes we did.

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So Vanessa and I went to see Juno. A 16-year-old girl gets pregnant during a one night stand with her best friend, considers abortion, and then opts for a closed adoption instead to the world’s richest, most beautiful straight couple. What could go wrong with us seeing a movie like that? I knew it was playing with fire, but the previews were so enticing. Guess what—I am not sorry.

They got it mostly right. The pathetic juxtaposition between an oops teenage pregnancy and 30-something infertility and what varying states of fertility and the desire for a child can do to your relationships. It’s tragically ironic. Honestly, a great movie for the infertile who has moved into the laugh about it even when you cry about it phase of infertility. Among my favorite exchanges: “I think pregnancy is so beautiful.” “You’re lucky it’s not you.” Made me laugh even as I held back my own vomit.



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For Calliope

Golden EggsMay you lay golden eggs*

*Image (c) of Paul Whitehead

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There’s a clog in his noggin

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How do you react when a 20 year old expresses a distaste for reading and uses this as an excuse for performing below his potential? As if it’s OK to not read because you don’t like it– because some people just don’t and that’s perfectly acceptable? And it’s a valid excuse for not studying?

I know. I don’t get it either.

This disappoints me terribly. Putting aside the fact that books help pay the bills in our household and always have, to me “I don’t enjoy reading” sounds a lot like “I don’t enjoy sleeping, feeding, or clothing myself.” Neglecting any of these activities is likely to result in serious personal injury. He does not have a learning disability that makes it difficult for him to read, and he is of significantly above average intelligence. He wants to be an artist, and artists need context for their art. Context is something Eric is lacking; hence all of his big projects this semester have had something to do with skateboarding. It’s cool once or twice, but it’s time to begin deepening. Forget trying to have a conversation with him about the news, any social issue, history, religion, or, heaven forbid, literature.

My theory is that years of them darn video games have made a portion of his brain soft and mushy, and he’s just going to have to exercise it until it’s back in shape. So we’re working on that now. We bought him a book of H.P. Lovecraft short stories for Christmas, guaranteed to appeal to any young man’s love of the macabre and digestible enough to leave no room for excuses. I’d really like to get him into poetry, but baby steps… Unfortunately he’s a bit too old (and keeps later hours than us) for us to try to inspire a love of literature via bedtime stories.


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