Happy Thanksgiving

posted by Mel 

We really had a lovely one, despite what you see here…


Yeah, I dropped the pumpkin pie as I was taking it out of the oven– Twice. The first time it would have been cracked on the top but salvageable. The second time I must not have had a good handle on the sides of the pan, and the pan collapsed inward. Part of it ended up inside the oven.

Vanessa, sensing no good could come from the curses she heard issuing from the kitchen compounded by the presence one curious black dog, a still very hot oven, and a steaming pan full of custardy pumpkin pie guts, raced in and pinned my arms to my sides held me until I was able to function like a rational human again. It was too late to get out and get more ingredients (had already made a late grocery trip anyway for store-bought crust– I did not have the fortitude to make it from scratch this time around), and my sister was already planning on bringing two pies, so we decided we could do without. I shoved what was left of this sloppy one in the fridge, and Vanessa, Eric, and I, who are fine with eating a mangled pie in the privacy of our own home, will perhaps enjoy it tonight.

Since I have already profaned the holiday by forcing 7 people to forego their pie, here is a late Halloween pic– the dogs in their costumes. Rosie’s the cop, and Buffy is her inmate.




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6 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Lo

    Yum, mangled pumpkin pie!!
    I love the costumes.

  2. vee

    You dropped the pie? Well thank goodness it didn’t end up in the dog. I have no problem with mangled food – if the ingredients were good going in, it’ll taste fine whatever it looks like! And now, you don’t even have to share it!

  3. jay

    Sounds like you were very calm about the whole thing – I cried my eyes out when I last dropped something, but mainly cos one of our favourite dishes broke(!) Good on you. And mangled is good!! Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Best pumpkin pie ever. Looks can be deceiving.

  5. Co

    Sorry about the pumpkin pies that didn’t want to be served, but at least you kept them for after holiday snacking.

    The dogs are *too* cute.

  6. I did the same thing 2 years ago. I still ate it on my own.

    Those dogs are pretty fly.

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