Deep over-dramatic afternoon *sigh*

posted by Mel

Somehow after someone threads a foot-long needle through your veej and fumbles around with it inside your oversized aching ovaries for 20 minutes or so, an inch long intramuscular injection looks like a day at the beach. Yeah, I got my flu shot this afternoon.

Speaking of needles, I’m ready to get this show on the road again. Vanessa’s having CD3 bloodwork done tomorrow, but this is just her first E2 and FSH test. We both still have to have the whole fertility work-up again. We have plans to retrieve her eggs in March or April 08. That is such a long way away. Meanwhile, I cannot even tell you how many people we know who have gotten pregnant and already had babies in the 2 years since we began trying– many who started AFTER we did. I try to be happy for them, but the bitterness has been bubbling up again a lot lately. Another holiday season and still no little one to celebrate.

On a comical note, I was moaning to my mother over this the other day and she suggested that perhaps my eggs are not bad after all and that our RE might have actually retrieved them and then SOLD them to other infertiles. When Shirley becomes crazy conspiracy theory girl now, I get off the phone. For some reason, she finds it even harder to accept my infertility diagnosis than I do. I’m pretty sure this is because she thinks it somehow reflects negatively on her genes. If I’ve learned nothing else by now, it’s this: our struggle to become parents is ultimately all about her.

/Pity Party



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6 responses to “Deep over-dramatic afternoon *sigh*

  1. Ack, mothers!
    You’re right, March or April seems like an age away – I’m sorry, that sucks.
    And bitter seems to seep right into your pores around this stage in the game, I think. We know people who are expecting number two who started trying after us. I have no joy left to give them. I am used up.

  2. vee

    You did say this was a pity party, right? 😉

  3. Absolutely. If you want to bitch about childlessness, this is the place to do it.

  4. Wow. And embie-selling conspiracy theory. Even my family wouldn’t come up with that one. Well, maybe they could…

    Good luck with that future retrieval.

  5. dude. I am so excited for you two to get started again. weirdly excited.

    And this holiday season, live it up on the hot toddies and irresponsible gift giving. This is the last one you get to have child-free.

  6. byrdlady

    My mom still thinks she’s the reason i have PCOS. Of course, she also suggested once that i’m gay because she held me too much as a baby…hm.

    It’s good that you have someone so supportive on your side. i hope things work out for you guys really soon.

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