Funny things a teenager will do

Go home from a party 3 doors down to grab a couple of Mountain Dews and return with an entire case on his shoulder

Use the plunger designated for unclogging sinks for unclogging a toilet and forget to tell you about it until you are about to use it again on a sink

Run water continuously while brushing his teeth even though the sink is clogged, the spit is floating, and the water is dangerously close to overflowing

Drape his wet jeans over all the rafters in your basement because he’s still afraid to use the dryer

Make you his friend on MySpace



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7 responses to “Funny things a teenager will do

  1. He’s afraid to use the dryer? The Mountain Dew this was so freaking funny.

  2. He doesn’t like that his pants come out of the dryer tighter than they went in. He thinks they shrink a little more each time they go in. Doesn’t understand the expanding and constricting power of denim I guess.

  3. That is kind of funny. They maybe feel smaller at first but they will expand back…plus they are so much softer after the dryer, not all stiff and crackly from air drying.

  4. He doesn’t know that denim loosens up once you have it on for a bit. Of course, there are times of the month when I am convinced that the dryer must have shrunk my jeans!


    My favorite is the last one.

    And the plunger one.

    I love these.

  6. byrdlady

    Ha! Sounds like life with a teenager is as entertaining as ever. 😉

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