The other half of the story

posted by Mel 

With my last post I fear I might have given you all the impression that it’s all hairy showers and crusty dishes over here. There’s lots of good stuff, too– like the other day when I was helping Vanessa get the dogs to the car to go to daycare and Eric rushed out the door behind us because he thought we were going for a walk, and he wanted to go too. There were the pork loin medallions, mashed potatoes, and green beans we made for dinner the other night, when he was silent with the ecstasy of a hot home-cooked meal eaten aound a dining room table. There was his exclamation that “People around here are awesome!” when someone stopped and asked us for directions to an art gallery in Fountain Square last night– this because someone we don’t know talked to us, and we answered, and it was all very friendly, making me wonder just how hostile the suburb where he and his mom lived has gotten if someone wouldn’t stop a stranger for directions! We’re glad he’s liking city life! There’s also the fact that, unasked, he scooped up all the dog poop in the yard for the last week, and I didn’t even know it. I felt a little guilty about complaining after Vanessa told me that.

Today we’re taking him to the orchard I’ve been going to since I was an infant, and we’re letting him pick out his very own pumpkin to carve for Halloween. I’m going to pick apples for a pie. Yeah, I have my Betty Crocker moments, and it’s nice sometimes to get to play mom.



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2 responses to “The other half of the story

  1. Co

    This is really sweet, Melody. (Your other post made me laugh out loud.)

  2. Lo

    oops, that was me above!

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