You tell em, Hillary



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4 responses to “You tell em, Hillary

  1. Katy

    Do you have your bumper stickers and buttons yet? I’ve had my Clinton 08 button for 3 years. I think we have less than 520 days left. I just love her and I miss Bill. I just really miss Bill.

  2. I miss Bill, too, but Hillary gives me some hope.

  3. This is so what I am struggling with. I desperately miss Bill, but Hillary is so *not* Bill and I’m having a hard time figuring her out (female or not, she just lapses into that politician rhetoric and non-answer mode too often for my tastes…). I did have to laugh at someone the other day who told me they didn’t like Hillary as a candidate because they thought she would be “too polarizing.” I had to ask what their frame of reference was since I have a really hard time envisioning anyone being more polarizing than the current Prez. One of several things I do love about Hillary – R v. W won’t get overturned if she is in office. The current Supreme Court and Bush have been chipping away at this, kind of unnoticed by the masses, for some time. Hey on an unrelated and totally frivolous note Mel, have you talked to Katy about Bob?

  4. j

    You’ve got me linked, yet this might be the first time I’m visiting. I’m so so sorry your cycle didn’t work but thanks for being honest about it all – your optimism for the future is inspiring…..j

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