West Palm/Delray Beach Meet-up?

posted by Mel

For work reasons I will be in the West Palm Beach/Delray Beach area August 21st and 22nd with nothing to do on the evening of August 21st. I know some fertility bloggers out there are in FL, but I’m not sure where. If you’re close to that area and would like to meet up for dinner, leave a comment, and I will e-mail you.

Also, Rosie and Buffy would like Mama Ness, who is out visiting with family right now, to know that the leftover blueberry pancakes she intended for breakfasts later in the week were just scrumptious. They know you don’t begrudge them a pancake or six, which they scooped off the counter in the minute and a half it took for Mama Mel to go outside to gather some basil for the marinara she’s making this morning.



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4 responses to “West Palm/Delray Beach Meet-up?

  1. byrdlady

    Dang it, i wish we were closer!!!

  2. Lo

    Am I right that you’ll be in our neck of the woods next month? Keep us posted.

  3. Lo, yep. September 11-13. I need to e-mail you guys.

  4. Co

    Ah, Rosie and Buffy… (Maggie would do the same, if only she could reach the counter).

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