All systems go

posted by Mel

We’re on for retrieval Saturday morning at 10 AM. Vanessa (who is HOME for now! btw) gave me my last Menopur shot this morning, and we trigger tonight at 10 PM and not one minute sooner. Cue hyperventilation brought on by me imagining arriving at the surgery center to find I’ve already ovulated.

I am officially too bloated and uncomfortable to wear work-appropriate attire. So I’m wearing lounging pants from now until it’s over and working from home. New IVF side effect– I am belchy– Oh goddess am I belchy. Doesn’t seem to matter what I eat. Another good reason not to be at work. Also, the smell of almost everything makes me sick to my stomach, and I thought I was going to retch last night watching Vanessa’s little brother eating that 12-inch Italian BMT from Subway. Ugh– greasy Italian coldcuts with mayonaisse. Bleh.



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5 responses to “All systems go

  1. Lo

    sending you good vibes!!!

  2. byrdlady

    It’s like you’re already pregnant–that’s a good sign! 😉
    Good luck Saturday! So exciting…

  3. Co

    Thinking good thoughts for you for the retrieval.

    And a BMT from Subway is enough to make anyone spew.

  4. Thought we’d let you know we were thinking of you this morning, sending over plenty of good-egg vibes. I can’t wait to hear how it went…

  5. e.

    i hope all wet well.

    you already sound pregnant with those side effects!

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