Second opinions rock!

posted by Mel

Holy crap. Vanessa called me from the oncologist’s. She and her mom went to get a second opinion. The oncologist feels that an embolism (basically shutting off the tumor’s blood flow) is possible, contrary to what St. Francis’s pulmonologist said, and they’re admitting her to IU Hospital right now for the procedure at 1:30. As I understand it, they will radiate the tumor (we thought radiated tissue couldn’t be re-radiated) to stop it from bleeding into her lungs. It’s a bandaid at best, but it will probably give her a little more time– maybe weeks, maybe months. They should at least be good quality weeks or months since right now she’s feeling pretty good. This is incredible news.



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3 responses to “Second opinions rock!

  1. missanthropy

    I’m so glad to hear it. Hugs to you both.

  2. Co

    Second opinions do indeed rock. I will keep V’s mom in my thoughts.

  3. That is good news indeed. Hope is priceless.

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