Last u/s before IVF (I think)

posted by Mel

I had what I think will be the last ultrasound before IVF this morning. Despite decreasing the stims from 225 to 150 IU each of Bravelle and Menopur, we somehow recruited 5 more follicles. So now we are up to 35, but I’m revising my earlier estimate and saying now that I believe 11 of them will be viable at retrieval. Those are the ones currently falling between 15 and 20 mm. Assuming the RE agrees with me after he has reviewed the ultrasound and estradiol results, they have one more day to grow, and we will trigger tomorrow night for a Sat AM retrieval.

The uncomfortable bloating really didn’t show up in earnest until yesterday, but waking up with a full bladder this morning was bad. There’s just not that much room in there anymore. My ovaries are each about 4 times the size they normally would be. I’ve gained 7 lbs so far this cycle. I have to take off early today for an appointment, and I’m thinking I’ll see how I feel on Thursday and plan on taking Friday off to relax in anticipation of Saturday’s procedure.

All in all, I feel lucky that I’ve experienced almost no side effects with the stims. This really hasn’t been bad. What I’m most worried about now is the needle they’re going to be threading through my already crowded girly parts. The ultrasound this morning was pretty uncomfortable. I know everyone says that you’re so knocked out you don’t care, but right now I care, and I still have 3 days to think about it.


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  1. Co

    I’m glad a few more follies seem to be catching up and that the side effects haven’t been awful, although I’m sure it’s very uncomfortable right now.

    I fully support you taking Friday off to relax. Good luck on Saturday.

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