Quick update

posted by Mel

I know it has been a while. Stuff has been going on with Vanessa’s mom that actually seems to dwarf IVF, but I have to let Vanessa post about that.

In IVF news, there was some confusion between the lesson we got on Menopur/Bravelle stims and what was on the actual paperwork we were given and, as a result, we’re a bit behind. We’ve actually been dosing me 1/2 as much as we should have been. As a result, my estrogen is much lower than it needs to be. So now I’m taking 3 times what we’ve been taking in an effort to catch up. Since I don’t have time to worry about this right now, I’m trying not to dwell and hoping that this works and doesn’t majorly f w/my reproductive system. If my estrogen isn’t up significantly for tomorrow’s e2 draw, we might get cancelled. I’m upset about this. Of course I’m upset. But in light of current events, one also has to wonder if it isn’t kind of meant to be this way.

Worst case scenario, not much money lost. We will wait out a couple of months until things have died down, and we’ll have to buy and administer more Lupron (ugh, more hot flashes) and perhaps supplement our Menopur and Bravelle supply (we are lucky insurance covers that part). We at least will not lose the money we’ve paid out so far to the RE.


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  1. I hope you don’t have to cancel. I am also sorry about the other issues.

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