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We had a baseline and E2 (estradiol) draw this morning. Because I have pitifully small veins and the RE’s office insists on making blood draws and ultrasound appointments at what we in the Indy household like to refer to as the butt crack of dawn and because the office is kept at frigid temperatures that make my veins recede into my very bones, I got stuck twice this morning. It would have been 3 if the nurse hadn’t been worried about having to stick me again for E2 draws at least twice next week. She didn’t want to wear out my veins before the real bloodsucking begins, so she made due with what little I managed to eke out. But it’s all good because, when we got home, Buffy lovingly licked my wounds.

No cysts, and my lining looks good, so assuming my estrogen-level is in sync, we’re off to the races on Monday night. That’s when, in addition to the Lupron, we get to shoot me up with Menopur and Bravelle (those two are in one syringe at least, I think), and I start taking TWO steroids. Why didn’t I know those were part of the deal? I think the steroids are to insure that I don’t get any infections prior to retrieval. Anyone with IVF experience, please chime in if you took these and know what they are for. Other than the hot flashes and CONSTANT HUNGER, the Lupron hasn’t been too bad. I haven’t turned into a bitch. At least, I don’t think I have. I’m worried about what all of these other meds are going to do to my mental and emotional state, and I’m worried that I will gain a lot of weight if the hormones cause me to continue to eat like a barnyard animal. There was one evening last week where I thought I was going to starve to death without “4th meal.” At this rate, I’m going to look 5 months pregnant before we even get to the transfer.

Oh, and this is the morning we signed all the forms and coughed up the cash. Vanessa wrote the checks while I was getting leeched. I think maybe she had the worse end of the deal today. I certainly didn’t want to be the one to write out all those zeros.



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4 responses to “Baseline

  1. Oh, soooo many zeroes. I am still adjusting to the pathetic 3 involved in an injectibles cycle. I just can’t picture those IVF zeroes just yet.

    I have heard about women who get pregnant after repeated IVFs have people not notice their pregnancy for a while because people have gotten used to them gaining weight during their procedures. Hopefully, you won’t gain too much weight. Or, if so, you could be one of the lucky women who just doesn’t gain much during pregnancy. Or… it could not matter anyway because you get a baby out of the ordeal.

    Best of luck with the next steps.

  2. Co

    I’m sorry about all the zeros and about new meds being thrown at you unexpectedly and about multiple sticks during the blood draw at butt crack of dawn.

    Good luck. Fingers and paws are so crossed for you at the Family O.

  3. Sounds like you both experienced a leeching, albeit of differing kinds. I sincerely hope those zeros turn into baby!

  4. may the zeros represent the many plump, fertile eggs that will be harvested soon =)

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