Gone hikin’

Posted by v.

We decided to get out of town for a few days. We’re in Ludington, MI (that’s with one D – so it’s not the home of technophobes). Our hotel is about two blocks east of Lake Michigan. We love it here.

This is one of those “everything that can go wrong” trips, but we’ve decided to ignore all or most of it. Our pet sitter (otherwise known as my brother) crapped out at 10pm last night, but our friends and doggy day care (Barkalounge in Beech Grove) came through for us. IndyMel’s grandpa has taken a turn for the worse. And I’m negotiating the details of two job offers via e-mail. That’s actually a good problem to have.

We’re going to hike the dunes at Silver Lake tomorrow. And then we’re going to watch fireworks over Lake Michigan in the evening. We’ll probably hike some more on Saturday before heading back Sunday. I’m glad to be here but I miss our animals.



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3 responses to “Gone hikin’

  1. Katy

    Talked to Kitt – she had emergency hernia surgery. She says she will look over anything you need – let me know if you still need. You also said the things I mentioned were pretty much standard in contracts. Good luck – I want the details!

  2. Max and Carrot are splendid and I saw Ro and Buffy at daycare yesterday and they looked super-duper happy playing and getting spoiled. So please try and enjoy your vacation because you guys deserve it – I was so much better in general after we unplugged in Belize. If there is anything else we can do please just give a shout. You did miss a guy peeing in front of our neighbor James’s house last night. Exciting times in Garfield Park. Grandpa is also in our thoughts.

  3. That sounds wonderful! I hope you guys have a relaxing time, despite everything else that’s going on. Charlie and I are talking about trying to squeeze in a getaway sometime soon, so I may need your advice on where to go. 🙂
    And good luck with the job(s)!

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