Got the property tax bill yesterday and was surprised to see that it has more than doubled. When I looked at the assessment data (see previous post), I didn’t realize that our property had been “trended” up by an additional $32,800, almost 70% of the previous assessed value. The whole point with trending is that you aren’t supposed to get big surprises like this. Instead of reassessing every 10 years, they trend you every year. I was under the impression that there wouldn’t any big surprises like this. According to the paper, the average property tax increase is 35%. I wasn’t expecting to be paying more than twice.

So I called the folks down at the Assessor’s office, and now I have to go fill out a form that disputes the assessment. If they find in my favor, I might see a reduction next year. But I won’t get any of the money back that I pay this year. I wouldn’t mind paying the extra money if the quality of our public services weren’t decreasing at the same time.


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