Americans Screwing Americans

At least that’s what Lou Dobbs calls it. Apparently, companies are looking for ways to “disqualify” US workers so they can hire presumably lower-wage immigrants instead. Oh, I’m talking about skilled workers. So, let’s say that the want ad asks for three years of SharePoint, and I say that I have two years of SharePoint plus two years of ASP.NET 2.0. I’m obviously qualified, but because I don’t hit the exact requirement I’m marked as not qualified. The job can then be legally offered to an immigrant because no US workers qualify.

 Here’s the clip from Lou Dobbs –

 And here’s the original clip that’s featured in the Lou Dobbs piece (courtesy of The Programmers Guild) –


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One response to “Americans Screwing Americans

  1. My biggest fear once I graduate from college is losing out on a great job teaching English for a university to an illegal immigrant who doesn’t speak English.
    Ha! Yeah, right.

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