Orientation Recap

There’s more to IVF than I even imagined, and I did research it before yesterday. I don’t have all the paperwork with me, but here’s what I remember:

Shots– there are 5 different things we’ll shoot me up with at home before and after the retrieval and transfer: Lupron to make my ovaries dormant (knocks out my estrogen production and puts me in menopause– fun), Menopure and Bravelle to stimulate my ovaries before the retrieval, HCG trigger shot, and Progesterone in Oil to sustain the embryo afterwards.

There are also antibiotics, steroids, and estrogen patches, none of which I expected. All in all, it sounds like pure misery. Here are my biggest fears:

1.) OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome). I’ve had a shadowy preview of this with my injectables cycles.

2.) Not being able to sleep b/c of the steroids but not being able to at least put the time to good use b/c I’ll be on bedrest after the retrieval and again briefly after the transfer = going out of my mind

3.)Gaining a ton of weight from OHSS and being really uncomfortable and/or gaining a ton of weight because the steroids make me ravenous

4.)Hot flashes and night terrors from the Lupron

5.)The possibility of having to give myself PIO shots b/c of work travel. The nurse warned me against giving myself the injection in my thigh– said I wouldn’t be able to walk afterwards.  I know some women give themselves the shot in the hip by looking in the mirror, but I don’t think I have the nerve. When I was a kid, it took my mom and two nurses to hold me down for a flu shot. I’ve matured significantly, but just looking at that big needle still turns my insides to jelly. I’ll try to line up someone in any city I have to visit. I called an immediate care center in Indy to see how much getting an injection might cost, and they acted like I was some kind of drug addict. They wouldn’t administer the shot. I’m pretty sure junkies don’t call an immediate care center and make an appointment to shoot heroin.

6. And of course– that this whole thing still might not work



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5 responses to “Orientation Recap

  1. wow! that’s a lot to process at once, isn’t it?? hope you take it one day at a time and as long as you’re feeling positive about it, good things will come!!

  2. Yuck, that does not sound like fun at all. The more I learn about IVF, the more I wonder how they managed to develop all the procedures. Still, reading about IVF pregnancies makes it seem worth while! Good luck!

  3. Co

    Sounds scary and intense, but maybe it will be less so once you’re doing it.

    Giving yourself PIO shots is scary, indeed, but maybe you’d get the nerve you need to shoot yourself in the hip knowing that chances were good that you were going to get pg. If you’re traveling to my area (NYC/north Jersey), you’d have no trouble finding a TTC blogger to help shoot you up (and to meet you and say hi).

    IVF really IS a lot to go through. A lot. I think many stupid people (like the people who write newspaper articles about how women can be blase about trying until they’re 40 and then ‘just do IVF’–like it’s easy and affordable and whatever) out there don’t realize that. But I am so hopeful that IVF is what is going to change your outcome for you.

    So, when do you start?

  4. e.

    that is a lot. you are a strong and brave woman!

    you say it may not work, but chances are it will!

  5. Kara

    Hi, I randomly started reading your blog a few weeks ago when I was looking for house blogs in Indy…hope you don’t mind. (Now that I am thinking about it, it sounds kind of creepy.) If you’re looking for a place to get shots in Indy though, Integrity Health downtown does shots. They’re an LGBT office. 317-968-0409.

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