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Seeing Aunt Flo is never really good when you’re TTC, but today I’m happy she showed up. I already knew I wasn’t pregnant, but if she didn’t turn up by Monday, the RE’s office wanted to put me on Provera to force a visit and then a month of birth control to get rid of a couple of cysts left over from this injectables cycle before we could begin IVF. We haven’t seen the cysts on an ultrasound, but I know they’re there b/c they give me sharp shooting pains every time I accidentally turn too quickly in any direction. Now there will be at least one full month in which we will not be messing with my reproductive system in any way. Cycle day 1 means a fresh start.

Congratulations on achieving pregnancy at last to E and A over at Two Moms are Better Than One, and thank you so much for posting that link to your baby’s bio sibs. Whenever I discover a fertility blogger who has delivered an actual baby or is pregnant, I always go back to the beginning to figure out how they got knocked up. These women did 2 years of treatment before getting pregnant with twins via IVF. It gave me a glimmer of hope that IVF could actually work after all the negatives. I have to keep telling myself that there is a 60% rate of success for IVF for women my age, and most women do not resort to IVF unless they have to. So there are lots of other women in my situation– women who have had a year or more of doctor’s intervention and still gotten a negative pg test every month– who are getting pregnant via IVF. No reason I can’t get pregnant that way, too.



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5 responses to “Mish-Mosh

  1. Hey, we’re on the same cycle. I started today, too.

  2. Lo

    That’s right — there’s no reason it won’t work for you.

  3. Co

    Glad you get a whole month of no meds messing with your girl parts.

    And I’m glad you’re feeling more hopeful about IVF. It is THE thing that works for many women who nothing else has worked for. My friends’ cousins, a lesbian couple, had a really long road TTC–started with one partner who had sudden, serious health probs, so they switched to the other partner who had fertility issues, and after trying everything else, they moved on to IVF. After their 2nd round of IVF, they got pregnant and had a beautiful, baby girl. For the record, the partner who got pg via IVF was over 35 at the time, so her odds were probably closer to 33%.

    That 60% stat if you’re under 35 is really just so exciting. Having the odds on your side is a good thing.

    Enjoy your break month.

  4. e.

    thanks for the shout out! i am rooting for you!!!

  5. Thanks for the congrats sent my way. I agree with prior posters: those odds are awesome! I hope your break month is restful and that you finish up full of excitement to tackle this new protocol.

    (ps. Added you to my blogroll so I’ll be sure to keep tabs!)

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