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As we were shopping for pregnancy tests at CVS last night, I told Vanessa I expressly did not want the fancy-schmancy digital test b/c “at this point, I would welcome some ambiguity.” So we got one of those that has a plus sign if you’re pregnant and a minus if you’re not. Minus. Surprisingly little ambiguity– even when squinted at and held in several different kinds of light. So tomorrow evening I’m going out with my new team for margaritas after work, and I’m not going to murmur even a peep about not being much of a drinker. I’m going to try to enjoy the next month and a half of no medications (unless they make me go on birth control for a month or something horrid like that– I’ve heard some REs do that before IVF) and definitely no injections. I’m going to drink any caffeinated beverage I desire and take steaming hot showers and baths. And I’m going to obsess like crazy over how in the hell we’re going to come up with the several thousand dollars that have to be paid UP FRONT on CD3 of my July cycle.



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  1. Co

    I’m sorry, Melody. That sucks.

    I am glad you are taking the next month and doing whatever you want to do. Have some margaritas. Have some choc-covered espresso beans. Whatever.

    And sorry I didn’t mention this in my previous comment, but congrats on your new job.

  2. I’ll buy some lottery tickets tonight. When I win, I’ll give you all the money you need for whatever procedures you want.

  3. Lo

    I hate the “not pregnant” ones too. It’s not even the ambiguity….who needs to see “not pregnant”????

  4. e.

    i agree with Lo. No one wants to see “not pregnant.”

    i am sorry to hear about your negetive. take these next weeks to have fun and take care of your self. and i too will send you the money if i win the lotto.


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