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7 Things

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OK. OK. I’ll do a meme. Vanessa will roll her eyes, but I’ll do it anyway.

1.) Animatronics freak me out. They’re creepy and unnatural and make Christmas shopping at Target a less enjoyable experience with all the ladder-climbing Santas and grazing dead-souled Rudolphs.

2.) I don’t care for rabbits either. I’ve been bitten once, and I doubt their capacity for real affection. I’ve been tempted by Angora rabbits before b/c I’d love to be able to harvest the fur for spinning (which I barely do anymore unfortunately), but Vanessa would have to be responsible for the emotional needs of said rabbits.

3.) My favorite poet is Adrienne Rich. She was scheduled to come to my university my senior year, but she sustained a hip injury and couldn’t make it. I was taking a class that semester on her work– The Poetry and Politics of Adrienne Rich. I was supposed to have dinner with her and introduce her. She came after I graduated, so I still got to see her and even spent some time talking with her. The subject of our conversation? The absence of lesbian mothers. At the time I was looking for an older female role model who didn’t believe my whole life was a sin, and I thought that person had to be a lesbian. Problem was– the only lesbians I came in contact with were bar-culture 20-somethings. Older lesbians just seemed to disappear on turning 30. Afterwards she sent me a collection of Audre Lorde poems that she had edited and a book of essays by lesbian and gay youth.

4.) Vanessa and I went to an Indian restaurant on our first date. I gave her a choice between that and Chili’s. She chose wisely. We had Palak Paneer and Chana Masala. She was trying both dishes for the first time. We try to make it back there every year on or close to our anniversary.

5.) When Vanessa and I met, I had given up on women. I had decided that men were much easier, so I was going to try to find a nice one and settle down. It lasted approximately one month. I am still a gold star.

6.) I love gardening outside, but I cannot keep a house plant alive– not even aloe (or, as Shirley says in total seriousness, Aloha). We have recently acquired some lovely tropical plants from a Friends of Garfield Park plant sale. Vanessa is caring for them; so they are thriving.

7.) I remained a Girl Scout longer than anyone I know. I received the Gold Award, the G.S. equivalent of an Eagle Scout, during my senior year in high school. My project was writing a column for an Indianapolis-area teen newspaper that I don’t think is in existence any longer. The column was about my experience as a student finishing out my last two years of high school on a college campus. I attended the Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities on the campus of Ball State University.

I won’t tag anyone else. But anyone who wants to is welcome to play along.



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As we were shopping for pregnancy tests at CVS last night, I told Vanessa I expressly did not want the fancy-schmancy digital test b/c “at this point, I would welcome some ambiguity.” So we got one of those that has a plus sign if you’re pregnant and a minus if you’re not. Minus. Surprisingly little ambiguity– even when squinted at and held in several different kinds of light. So tomorrow evening I’m going out with my new team for margaritas after work, and I’m not going to murmur even a peep about not being much of a drinker. I’m going to try to enjoy the next month and a half of no medications (unless they make me go on birth control for a month or something horrid like that– I’ve heard some REs do that before IVF) and definitely no injections. I’m going to drink any caffeinated beverage I desire and take steaming hot showers and baths. And I’m going to obsess like crazy over how in the hell we’re going to come up with the several thousand dollars that have to be paid UP FRONT on CD3 of my July cycle.


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