Pass the Margaritas

Tested this morning. Not pregnant. I changed my mind– I don’t think I’m getting stuck this month just to confirm what I already know. I’ll take one more pg test tomorrow morning, and if it says what it said this morning then screw it. I’m off the hoo-ha bullets until July. I’ve already started obsessing about the IVF. I have a new job that involves more travel (yay me! btw– new job is a good thing), and I’m trying to screw up the courage to do my own injections, since I probably won’t have Vanessa there to shoot me up.

I thought I was OK with IVF, but this morning I’m really resentful. I’m mad that I have to go through another month or more of hormone treatments, mad that I have to get my ovaries aspirated with a huge f’ing needle, and I’m struggling to believe that it can actually work. That doesn’t mean that I won’t go through with it, but I’m worried about the emotional fall-out if it doesn’t happen.



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7 responses to “Pass the Margaritas

  1. vee

    Ack! Crappy news. Pour a margarita for me too, I’ll join you.

  2. Co

    I’m sorry about the BFN. I hear you about wanting to skip the blood test. But I’m going to hope you might be pg until you officially call it.

    I understanding you not wanting to have to go through another cycle of hormone injects. It’s exhausting and hard on your body. And I hear your worries about IVF not working. It’s so hard to believe, after all your BFNs, that anything is going to work.

    But IVF is so different from IUI. I hope that if you need to do it, by the time you do it, you will have gotten some of that hope back.

    Take care. And if you need to, have as many margaritas as you want.

  3. Sorry about the bad news, happy about the good news! I didn’t know you had a new job. Congratulations!

  4. I cannot even begin to imagine the frustration and I admire your persistence. PS Dave makes a mean margarita so come on down anytime and we can celebrate the new job!

  5. Lo

    So sorry to hear your crappy news, but congrats on the new job…

  6. I wish I were there to share your Margarita.

  7. jay

    Am sorry too. 😦

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