Insemination #554…

 posted by Melody

…this morning, or maybe it only feels that way. We did everything right. Now it’s up to my rubber eggs to decide whether or not they want to cooperate this month. The nurse said the new donor sperm looks fantastic. Sperm doesn’t usually elicit such an enthusiastic response at this RE’s office, so I feel good about that. She also had some interesting things to say about the benefits of using a younger donor, which I’ll need to do some more research on later before I go shooting off at the mouth and getting a load of anxious TTCers’ panties in a bunch about the age of their donors.

I am bl-OAT-ed. Last night was really bad. I was sitting at the dining room table near tears, hot, uncomfortable and frustrated, and trying to troubleshoot my non-functioning sewing machine. Vanessa tried to give me a soothing backrub, and I bit her head off. She had to pull out the big guns to bring me back to my senses, that age-old cure-all: slow-churned mint chocolate chip ice cream. This morning I’m slightly more comfortable than last night. I’m 2 lbs heavier total for the cycle, and I’m drinking loads of water to try to flush out the extra fluid in my abdomen from all the follicles. Traveling for work next week, so I’m hoping that will distract me from worrying during this TWW.

Oh– almost forgot. Please note the new Fertilictionary I’ve added in the sidebar for all you non-TCCers. I will be adding to this frequently.



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5 responses to “Insemination #554…

  1. As an anxious TTC with her panties well and truly in a bunch now, please post more about the young bucks and their super-sperm.

    And thanks to you, I now have to go shopping for icecream! My waistline is not happy with you.

    Hope those spermies do the trick this time.

  2. We’re putting positive vibes your way! Hope this is it!! P.S. Thanks for the fertilictionary!

  3. Lo

    Our lab guy seemed impressed with Nerdy Science Guy’s numbers. That made me happy. He’s not so young, though, I think he was in his late thirties when he donated.

  4. e.

    it’s so great to have a tww buddy!

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