Why Indy?

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A sense of hometown pride always rushes over me when I hear that Indy has been chosen as a test market for some new cola or variation of fast food. I know it’s corny, but I can’t help it. I’m perplexed and embarrassed to know that Indianapolis was chosen as the test market for the Would Jesus Discriminate? campaign.

This campaign has been going on for awhile, but I’ve been trying to ignore it. Now it’s in my face. When evangelicals get in my face, I have a tendency to contort my face and roll my eyes. It doesn’t matter whether said evangelicals are straight or gay.

I’ve been trying to figure out the players on this thing for awhile. This news release from the gay mother church lays it out for me. Apparently, this campaign is part of the plans for world domination by the Metropolitan Community Church. I haven’t dug into their funding sources yet, because I’m not sure I want to know. Take that back, I know that part of their funding source include the congregants at the gay mother church’s local instance, Jesus MCC.

A big player in this is Jeff Miner, also affectionately known as Pastor Jeff. Mr. Miner has written a book on homosexuality and the bible, which is heavily promoted during the campaign. It appears to me that the campaign was designed to support the book. Mr. Miner is the minister at Jesus MCC, which partially explains why they chose Indy as their “ground zero” (their description, not mine).

Like I said in my previous post on this topic, I hope that the church’s congregants have given this some thought. They’re being used, and that’s OK so long as they all know it. I’ve been used by the gay agenda. I know what it’s like, especially when you change your mind.

And lest anyone accuse me of not giving these folks a chance, I listened to one of Mr. Miner’s Sunday presentations on the Jesus MCC Web site. It’s about fear.



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3 responses to “Why Indy?

  1. Wow. I did not realize Indy was a test market for the MCC campaign. It’s hard to simplify my humble view on this so here’s an attempt: Extremists in any religion (Christian, Muslim, Catholic, Methodist, Jewish, Hindu, the MCC church..so forth and so on) are bad whether I agree with the message or not. The last sentence is the most critical – whether I agree or not. Maybe I agree but that does not make the behavior ok. Extremists with agendas in any forum are bad and this one is no different. That’s why I often cringe when those who share my political views do crazy sh!t to get the message across because they are no different than the crazies I don’t agree with. And I define extremist as those who will do crazy acts in the name of their god or religion (maybe it means killing people but it does not have to be that horrific), spending crazy money, engage in selective communication and brainwashing tactics and take above and beyond action to make others see things in their perspective. Pastor Jeff preaching fear is no different than the Muslims or evangelicals preaching fear. Money + religion =bad. The circling of the religious wagons that seems to be going on across the board is troubling because it encourages a lack of tolerance for others.

  2. Here are the key paragraphs from that news release:

    First, until now there has been no major “push back” to the multi-million dollar campaigns in the media by the radical religious right in the United States.

    Second, there has been no effective push back to the erosion of the hard-won civil rights of LGBT people in the United States. As these civil and human rights decline, religious bigotry and oppression are on the rise.

    Third, the push back that does exist in the United States through the efforts of the Human Rights Campaign, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and similar organizations, uses a vocabulary that fails to grab the attention of fundamentalists and conservatives, who believe that LGBT people are going to hell.

    That doesn’t exactly sound like “world domination” to me. And given that the above works with what I hope to get accomplished, I’m not against the campaign, although it’s unlikely I’m ever going to believe in their imaginary bearded friend in the sky.

  3. After be-bopping around their site for a few minutes, I got the definite impression that they have a “global” plan.

    I’d prefer to frame the debate with new language. The language of the right is about right and wrong. This debate is about each side advocating their position. I don’t see how that moves us forward.

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