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I went in this morning for a cycle day 10 ultrasound and blood draw. This month we have 15 follicles. 3 looked like good candidates to me (judging by size). The nurses thought 7-9 looked like good candidates and gave me another stern talking to about high order multiples and selective reduction. I’ve been anxious all day that we wouldn’t be able to go through with this cycle, but my estradiol results just came in at 638, which means I was probably right– 3 good candidates (~200 each– 200 of what, I have no idea). That means we can go ahead– a little earlier than usual. We trigger tonight for a CD12 (earliest ever!) insemination on Wednesday morning.

Up until today I’ve been pretty comfortable. I can definitely tell there’s something going on in my ovaries, but it’s nothing like the last injectables cycle when I couldn’t get into my jeans by this point. I’ve been monitoring my weight, and it hasn’t gone up at all. By this point last time, I had gained 4 lbs. After a rather vigorous wanding this morning, I can tell my ovaries are pissed off to have been poked and prodded, and they’re definitely letting me know they didn’t appreciate it. I always worry that the wanding will make them release the eggs ahead of the insemination.

I’m glad that my estradiol is low enough to make it possible for us to try this cycle, but I’m also kind of concerned that I produce so many follicles and have such low levels to show for it. It looks like I probably have a lot of empty follicles, and I wonder what this means for a future IVF cycle, assuming that IVF becomes necessary. In two weeks, we’ll know if it’s necessary or not.



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  1. Co

    3 good candidates right now sounds great. I am all for the “every egg is a chance to get pregnant” way of looking at it.

    I do wonder how nurses/doctors decide how many eggs we’re gonna get though. My E2 levels were only 500-something 1 day before I triggered last cycle and they thought I would be getting 4 or 5 eggs by the time of my IUI. I don’t really understand how that’s possible, but…

    I hope this is IT for you. But if it isn’t and you need to move on to IVF, I think you’ve proven yourself a very good responder to injectables. If you do an IVF cycle, they’ll stim you at higher doses so I would imagine that your E2 levels will be much higher then. But I so hope you don’t need to do IVF. Fingers crossing for this next IUI.

    And hurray for the earliest IUI ever. The younger the egg, the better.

  2. e.

    we’ll likely be tww buddies! i am betting my IUI will also be on Wednesday.

    hope this is IT for both of us!!!


  3. I really need a fertili-glossary. Grin.

  4. Hope one of those 3 follicles does the trick!

    I also sometimes wonder if the wanding can stimulate the ovaries.

  5. Courtney– Vanessa says the same thing. I’m thinking about posting one.

  6. I concur. A fertilictionary would be good – make sure and include the acronyms!

  7. e.

    the gals at it’s taking a village have start a fertilictionary – with the acronyms scroll down and you’ll see it on the right:

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