It’s been a solid year now, but we’re giving it another go.

Aunt Flo showed up 3 days early– probably for the first time since I was 12. I have been late a handful of times but never early. It was like some kind of divine intervention b/c there is some potential travel looming at the end of next week, and I was really worried that it was going to fall on ovulation day and ruin this cycle.

So we’re back in it with 10-12 antral follicles that showed up in yesterday’s ultrasound. This is CD4, and Vanessa shot me up with Follistim this morning. I’m getting a lower dose this month and being monitored more closely b/c of the hyperstimulation problems we had last time. We’ve chosen a new younger sperm donor. I’m hoping these swimmers will be able to somehow penetrate my apparently rubber-coated eggs. Another ultrasound and estrogen level check on Monday with a probably insemination on Wednesday (5/2). If this month doesn’t work, IVF begins in June. How many times can I say that?

Ooh– also, I met this amazing woman at the RE’s yesterday. She was way too happy to be infertile, and my first instinct was to just hate her. But then I saw her again at Dr. Aziz (the local specialty pharmacy where all of us infertiles get our fixes), and while we were waiting on our meds, she told me her story. She is pg right now with her sister and brother-in-law’s twins. They tried for 3 years and had miscarriage after miscarriage– even after IVF, so she offered to do this for them. She’s taking progesterone shots in the hip every night. So how could I hate her bubbly ass when she’s clearly one of the most unselfish people I’ve ever met?


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  1. Co

    I’m glad you’re getting increased monitoring and a lower dosage this cycle. That should hopefully make it less of a whirlwind and easier on your body than it was last time.

    And yay for a new donor!

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