Sharing the numbers

posted by Melody

I’m a 12, now-a-days often a 14 on bottom, and a large, sometimes a medium, on top. I lost 100 lbs between 2003 and 2004 via a medically supervised weight loss program (no, not gastric bypass, contrary to what many of my co-workers believe). Since beginning trying to conceive a year ago, when I was a comfortable 12 and a medium, I’ve gained about 10 lbs. I often wonder if my “sizable” weight loss, which turned me into a svelte pile of weeping hypoglycemic mush whenever I go longer than two hours without eating, is playing a role in my trouble conceiving.

I spent my teens and my early 20s avoiding shopping trips with my slim friends because we couldn’t go to the same stores and I didn’t want them to know my size, calculating the distance between Lane Bryant and the nearest parking spot at the mall so that as few people as possible would see me with the bag, not even bothering to buy bathing suits, and shunning public exercise. Thank goddess I grew a pair of ovaries in my mid-20s and stopped caring so much what other people thought. That was largely because one of my friends and co-workers, who I respected a lot and thought looked pretty good in her clothes, told me her size (22W) and showed me her stomach. That gave me the courage to buy myself better-quality, more form-fitting clothes, to take some fashion risks. I got a good response everywhere I went.

It was only after I built some self-confidence that I was able to take positive steps to improve my health. I did take the weight off through diet and exercise, but no, I don’t exercise enough now. I have kept almost all of it off only because Vanessa and I split nearly every meal we eat out in a restaurant, and we try to watch our portion sizes at home. If I had to do it alone, I would find it much more difficult. Baking is a creative outlet for me, and I don’t like waste.

While I was physically unhealthy at 262 lbs, I was much more mentally so. I think Joy Nash, the creator of the Fat Rant video, is right. We should share our weight. Knowledge is power. It can empower.

*I think people, especially women, should share their salaries, too, but I think my workplace would frown on me doing that on the Web, so I demure for now.

**Also, if you didn’t get it from the title of the last post, I weigh 170.



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3 responses to “Sharing the numbers

  1. I’m a bit embarrassed when I get weighed at the doctor’s office because I don’t realize how much I’ve put on in the past few years. I’m 5’1″ and I weigh 140.

  2. Co

    There was a line or two in the “good-for-what-it-was” movie “SuperSizeMe.” I think it was something about how smoking used to be seen as cool and common but now smokers are openly criticized or looked down on by some others or made to feel shame. The movie then suggested that obese people some day may be made to feel the same way in our society, ostracized, ashamed, etc. I can’t remember the line but it was something like that, but I remember Lo’s reaction. “May be? Some day? You think this doesn’t already happen?”

    I am not and have never been overweight (a genetic gift from my father, I assure you), so I don’t really know what I’m talking about. But I have heard horror stories from friends. I have friends who are afraid to go to the doctor because no matter what they’re going in for, weight will be mentioned. A good friend of mine once went to her doctor’s because of serious ear pain (too much wax), a condition she’s had for many years and which has a very specific treatment. While sitting there, in extreme pain, her doctor said, “You know you really should lose some weight.” My friend got really upset. It’s not like she doesn’t *know* that she’s overweight. It’s not like her reaction was, “Really, doctor? I didn’t know. Thanks for telling me. I’ll get right on that. It’s so easy to change, after all.” Not to mention… her weight had absolutely nothing to do with her ear!

    I have really been hating the Jenny Craig commericals where women say things like “My husband says he got his wife back [now that I’ve lost the weight]!” and “My husband calls me his trophy wife!” or “My husband said I was hot!” It just makes me feel like telling them, “Don’t get Jenny Craig. Get a new husband.”


  3. Sam

    I lost 3kg a month by stop eating after 6pm daily. It’s works on me. I think it could be the lesses fats being built up on my body. Normally, you not need much more fats at night time. But, the harder parts is you have to stick to your plan and have strong dertermination for being lured by your family member at dinner times.

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