Bye Bye Baja

A great sadness has fallen over the IndyNess household now that Baja Fresh has closed its two Indianapolis locations. Well, to tell the truth neither restaurant was in Indy. There was one in Fishers and one in Greenwood, to which we travelled at least once a week. At least there’s a Moe’s by my new office in Carmel.

Update: Comments are now enabled. Please commiserate.



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5 responses to “Bye Bye Baja

  1. Someone from work went over there and apparently there was a note on the door that said “Sorry for the inconvenience”. No info. Just sorry. I love Qdoba but Baja was just different.

  2. That’s what the note at the Greenwood location said. Vanessa and I are crushed. They were always busy, and they had such a great product. You could see them roasting peppers for the salsa right there in the store. All those fresh whole ingredients– not exactly typical of a fast food chain.

    Where will we take Rosie to sit outside and threaten unsuspecting customers with her sweet low growl after the bark park this summer?

  3. Roxan

    New office? Are you going somewhere?

  4. I’m not going anywhere. Vanessa wrote this post. She is even more bereft over BF than I.

    And, yes, she starts a new job next week.

  5. I’m crushed. It was my favorite place to eat near the Indy office. I had such great hopes for the chain to then expand east. There is great sadness in my fire-roasted heart this morning, sadness a 😦 just cannot convey.

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