RE Consultation

Doc didn’t say much we didn’t expect. He’s stumped that I didn’t get pregnant on the last cycle when I stimulated so well. It’s not much comfort to hear your RE say that he is stumped. He suggested laparoscopy to see if there is any endometriosis or scar tissue that we couldn’t see on the HSG unless we are comfortable moving on to IVF which would bypass any scar tissue around my tubes– b/c that’s what he really recommends in our situation. We asked if we could try one more month of injectables before IVF, and he was OK with that.

I don’t think anyone’s holding out a lot of hope for this cycle of injectables. We’re mostly doing it so that I feel like we’re doing something while we’re waiting to save up the funds for IVF. Not doing something drives me crazy. An injectable cycle isn’t that bad for us financially since insurance will pay for the meds. We can manage the money for the sperm and the IUI. IVF is going to strain our resources. We can handle it, but it’s not going to be easy.

I don’t want to do a lap if we’re going to be doing IVF soon anyway, so for right now I’m declining that. Who needs an extra minor surgery? By the end of April, we should be back on the ride. He’s dialing back my Follistim dosage a little so that hopefully I won’t end up with 20 eggs again. If this cycle doesn’t work, we’ll be IVFing it in July.



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3 responses to “RE Consultation

  1. Lo

    I don’t exactly understand why your R.E. was stumped. Even IVF–when you know the eggs fertilized–doesn’t give 100% odds, unfortunately. An IUI, even with a ton of eggs, can’t be 100% either.

    My R.E. basically said if I didn’t get pg via IUI within 3-4 tries, I probably was not going to get pg that way. I think he’s more pessimistic than need be (3 or 4?) and just wants people jumping to IVF quickly. But I think at a certain point one needs to give up on IUIs, and you two are clearly saving up for the IVF Fund just in case, which is really smart.

    That having been said, I certainly don’t know why it didn’t work for you. And your frustrations and feelings about doing another IUI round are totally understandable.

    I agree that the lap doesn’t seem like the best move. You have no reason to think there is scar tissue, right?

    This just sucks, Melody. I have nothing good to say, except you totally deserve to be knocked up already and it sucks that you aren’t.

  2. Co

    Sorry… that last comment was me, Co. Lo’s computer died and she was using mine earlier.

  3. I know what you mean about wanting to do something, even when you feel it won’t work. If this last injectibles cycle doesn’t do it, good luck with IVF and saving up for it. It is so unfair that so many people get pregnant for free!

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