What I don’t need any more of…

Advice on getting pregnant from folks who got that way in one of the following ways:

  • untimed heterosexual intercourse, completely without planning
  • timed heterosexual intercourse without intervention
  • unmedicated artificial insemination in the first couple months of trying

This ban on advice also extends to the friends of folks who became pregnant in one of the preceding ways.



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6 responses to “What I don’t need any more of…

  1. Well if you ask me, you need to be looking harder in the cabbage patch.

    And maybe put out a stork feeder.

    : )

  2. Finally some advice I can use.

    Maybe we will be planting cabbage in the garden this year after all– and maybe mandrake.

  3. I have zero advice to give 🙂 So I won’t. Who does this (unmedicated artificial insemination in the first couple months of trying) happen to anyway? I have a third for Shae’s list – you can always try some rain dances.

  4. Lo

    Amen to that, sister. (I could say we just relaxed and it happened, but daily injections, well, that wasn’t so relaxing.)

  5. vee

    Can we have a ban on people outside of this hell getting pregnant? Just for a while?
    Oh and you may want to try just enjoying the trying, because according to one of our friends (straight, knocked up by accident), being pregnant sucks anyway!

  6. Co

    I hear you! And you’re totally, totally right.

    My mother-outlaw (Lo’s mom) had the nerve to expect to gain my sympathy a couple weekends ago when she said, “You know, Lo’s sister didn’t expect to get pg on the first try. They expected to have to try for a year or so. It was really a hard adjustment for them for it to happen so quicky.”

    I said, “Many people would kill to have her *problems*.”

    My mother-outlaw was adamant that no it was really, really hard, and continued to explain how hard it was, even though I made it pretty clear I had no sympathy whatsoever.

    There was a semi-interesting article in the NY Times magazine this past weekend about the fertility industry and a woman who’d undergone tons of things in her attempts to get pg. Anyway, I laughed when she talked about how women desperate to conceive are more willing than other patients to be guinea pigs as well as to inject guinea pigs (er… hamster parts) into their bodies. Been there done that.

    I liked the article up until the point when the author announced that she did not get pg via a fertility doctor but in the end DID get pg. Ya know, one of those “I’m a het infertile but once I stopped taking all those meds and driving myself insane, it just happened!” That is not the case for lesbians/single moms by choice. It won’t just happen when we least expect it. It is necessarily an intentional act for us. So, that was when I decided I hated the article and the woman writing it.

    I agree. None of the categories of people you mention have any business giving you assvice.

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