In Other News

We need something to talk about besides fertility.

I brought my Grandma over to my house today for the first time. She was totally uncomfortable in the house (and bedroom) that I share with my lesbian lover. This is the same Grandma who called Mel a lesbian bitch and a crane neck (that one was kinda funny). Oh, and she accused us of being pornographers, too. Apparently, it’s much better for my cousins to live with their drunken, drugged up, neglectful, and abusive parents than for the kids to be around us. It’s good to know where people stand.

Since I had her in my car (the one that Mel makes the payments on), I decided she was hostage, and I was going to force her to visit our humble abode. My family thinks we’re crazy for buying a house for nearly $100k when you can buy the same house in the ghetto for $15k. These aren’t rational people. Thankfully these folks no longer have any influence on my self-worth. What a downer that would be.



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2 responses to “In Other News

  1. Good for you!

    As I often say, you can’t choose your family. When they are a bad influence, you just have to avoid them!

  2. That Ness. She was trying to lighten the mood around here, believe it or not. I do love her for it.

    On top of the assvice I was offered yesterday, a crazy bigot was in my bedroom.

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