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I went in this morning for a cycle day 10 ultrasound and blood draw. This month we have 15 follicles. 3 looked like good candidates to me (judging by size). The nurses thought 7-9 looked like good candidates and gave me another stern talking to about high order multiples and selective reduction. I’ve been anxious all day that we wouldn’t be able to go through with this cycle, but my estradiol results just came in at 638, which means I was probably right– 3 good candidates (~200 each– 200 of what, I have no idea). That means we can go ahead– a little earlier than usual. We trigger tonight for a CD12 (earliest ever!) insemination on Wednesday morning.

Up until today I’ve been pretty comfortable. I can definitely tell there’s something going on in my ovaries, but it’s nothing like the last injectables cycle when I couldn’t get into my jeans by this point. I’ve been monitoring my weight, and it hasn’t gone up at all. By this point last time, I had gained 4 lbs. After a rather vigorous wanding this morning, I can tell my ovaries are pissed off to have been poked and prodded, and they’re definitely letting me know they didn’t appreciate it. I always worry that the wanding will make them release the eggs ahead of the insemination.

I’m glad that my estradiol is low enough to make it possible for us to try this cycle, but I’m also kind of concerned that I produce so many follicles and have such low levels to show for it. It looks like I probably have a lot of empty follicles, and I wonder what this means for a future IVF cycle, assuming that IVF becomes necessary. In two weeks, we’ll know if it’s necessary or not.



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Cinco de Mayo and Car Art at Garfield Park Saturday

From the Garfield Park Arts Center –

In celebration of the race season in Indianapolis, the
Garfield Park Arts Center
will present a collection of automobile-inspired art that will feature the work of Ron Burton, Deanna Morae, ‘Creative Native Art Competition’ winner Glen Walker and Scott Robinson. Big Wheels will also feature memorabilia from The Marmon Club, former racers Connie Rhoton and Dick Kinsey, Adesa Auto Auction and Indianapolis Car Exchange.

Enjoy an opening reception for the Big Wheels exhibition on ‘First Friday’, May 4th from 6 to 9 P.M., with a classic car show featuring Marmon vehicles from The Marmon Club as well as local car enthusiasts’ own vehicles. To benefit the Garfield Parks Art Center and “Friends of Garfield Park”, there will be a silent auction of two pieces of Ron Burtons’ silk screen art. This exhibit will be open until June 30, 2007 during regular Arts Center hours.

On Saturday, May 5,Garfield Park Arts Center will partner with the annual Cinco de Mayo celebration with a “Low Rider” Car Show featuring vehicles owned and customized by local car enthusiasts.” Sponsored by the Indy Racing League (IRL), The Marmon Club, Friends of Garfield Park and ALMA.

All events are free and open to the public.

Big Wheels – The Art of the Car Exhibit

Date: Friday, May 4Time: 6 – 9 p.m. (Opening Reception)* Low Rider Car Show* – Saturday, May 5; All day event

Exhibit runs through June 30th, 2007 during regular gallery hours.

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Finding a New Language

[10:50] Melody: Is it just that we’re not “joiners?
[10:50] indyness: that could be part of it – is it a creative class thing?
[10:51] Melody: maybe
[10:51] indyness: we’re going to make our own “church” if that’s what we want
[10:51] indyness: maybe that’s what turns us off about it
[10:51] indyness: ask pam (our therapist)
[10:51] Melody: Good idea.
[10:52] Melody: It just doesn’t seem like a questioning atmosphere.

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Why Indy?

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A sense of hometown pride always rushes over me when I hear that Indy has been chosen as a test market for some new cola or variation of fast food. I know it’s corny, but I can’t help it. I’m perplexed and embarrassed to know that Indianapolis was chosen as the test market for the Would Jesus Discriminate? campaign.

This campaign has been going on for awhile, but I’ve been trying to ignore it. Now it’s in my face. When evangelicals get in my face, I have a tendency to contort my face and roll my eyes. It doesn’t matter whether said evangelicals are straight or gay.

I’ve been trying to figure out the players on this thing for awhile. This news release from the gay mother church lays it out for me. Apparently, this campaign is part of the plans for world domination by the Metropolitan Community Church. I haven’t dug into their funding sources yet, because I’m not sure I want to know. Take that back, I know that part of their funding source include the congregants at the gay mother church’s local instance, Jesus MCC.

A big player in this is Jeff Miner, also affectionately known as Pastor Jeff. Mr. Miner has written a book on homosexuality and the bible, which is heavily promoted during the campaign. It appears to me that the campaign was designed to support the book. Mr. Miner is the minister at Jesus MCC, which partially explains why they chose Indy as their “ground zero” (their description, not mine).

Like I said in my previous post on this topic, I hope that the church’s congregants have given this some thought. They’re being used, and that’s OK so long as they all know it. I’ve been used by the gay agenda. I know what it’s like, especially when you change your mind.

And lest anyone accuse me of not giving these folks a chance, I listened to one of Mr. Miner’s Sunday presentations on the Jesus MCC Web site. It’s about fear.


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Seeking Approval

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A local church is running a series of billboards trying to convince people that God, Jesus, and the bible don’t condemn homosexuality. I’m not a Christian, and I haven’t studied religion so I don’t have anything interesting to say about what Christianity says about homosexuality. The minister claims the purpose of the billboard campaign is to spark debate. I have several things to say about the campaign itself.

First, this campaign goes way beyond sparking debate. The minister has written a book on this subject and clearly has an agenda to push and a book to sell. He’s using the church as his platform. I hope the church signed up for this. I bet his publisher is ecstatic.

Second, there are many people in this church who are desperately seeking approval. For them, that’s what this campaign is about. Not debate. It’s about “Please, please, please accept me”. I think that the church and the community needs to address this psychological state that some members of the community find themselves in. Personally, I’m not begging for acceptance from anyone. I’m a productive member of society. That should be enough.

Third, I’m concerned about the safety of the members of this church. This church has made itself a target by doing this campaign. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take risks. I just hope that everybody realizes what they signed up for. I made myself a target in high school, and my life was a living hell because of it. No older, wiser person stepped in and tried to persuade me in a different direction. They were too busy living vicariously through me.


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It’s Best to Stick with What You Know

When I was about 16, my dad told me that when I buy a car, I should be sure to buy something

“with a small block Chevy motor”

So I bought a 1976 Cutlass. When the car inevitably broke down, it sat in the backyard for weeks while I waited for him to repair it. The lesson I learned was that if I’m going to have a car, I have to be prepared to pay for the maintenance myself. My next car was a 1987 Toyota Corolla FX. When I brought it home, my dad told me

“Now I won’t be able to work on that.”

I know.

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Parallel Universe

The sign at Johnny’s Park Inn usually reads something like

Happy 54th Birthday Stella!

on one side, and something like

$9.95 Steak Special

on the other. 

Today, both sides of the sign read 

Sabor Latino


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