IM transcript– How decisions get made in the Indyness/mel household

[10:48] Melody: Depending on what Dr. G says on Wed, I want to consider one more insemination with injectables with a new donor in early May. If I didn’t get pregnant, we could skip the next cycle and start Lupron or whatever in late June for a July IVF.
[10:48] Melody: What do you think?
[10:49] indyness: i’m totally down with that
[10:49] Melody: OK.
[10:49] indyness: i was just reading the l-word recap
[10:49] indyness: from season 4
[10:49] Melody: I think I could wait that long for IVF if I knew we were trying to do something in the meantime.
[10:49] indyness: did you know they kill dana?
[10:49] Melody: ha ha ha
[10:49] Melody: Yes
[10:49] indyness: you suck
[10:49] indyness: i agree
[10:49] indyness: i’m on board
[10:49] Melody: I’ve been trying really hard not to tell you what happens later.
[10:49] indyness: ha ha
[10:49] Melody: OK. I love you.
[10:49] indyness: i love you too
[10:50] indyness: are you my baby?
[10:50] Melody: 100%
[10:50] indyness: or are you only with me for the money?
[10:50] Melody: ha ha
[10:50] Melody: If that was the case, baby, I would have left you long ago.



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7 responses to “IM transcript– How decisions get made in the Indyness/mel household

  1. Dave does this regularly. I call it his avoidance tactic 🙂 When I start talking about something he’d prefer not to talk about (like paying people to paint the house or landscape the yard – he hates parting with money when he feels that we could do it ourselves), he just changes the subject to something else. Or he says “Yes dear whatever you say dear”. Which makes me want to slap him 🙂

  2. It’s less “I don’t wanna talk about it. Let’s talk about something else” and more “Great big decision that is going to affect your sanity and the sanity of all those around you? Sure. You sound like you know what you’re doing. On to the next topic.”

  3. Charlie does both; either change the subject as Dave does to avoid talking about something he’d rather not, or just go “Okee dokee” and move on.
    Thanks for coming to lunch! It was groovy.

  4. Lo

    As you know we went back and forth about IUI vs. IVF this cycle and had many IM conversations about it….one of my funnier fertility journey moments was standing outside a McDonald’s deciding to do IVF on the cell with Co. Oy. (and then we didn’t, of course)

  5. Co

    Bouncing off what Lo said, I felt so strange in the R.E.’s office when asked about the IUI or IVF decision. Dr. Quick would look at me and expect me to decide. On the one hand, I’m the patient so it’s my decision. On the other hand, I would never make a decision without discussing it with Lo first. It’s her baby, too. And as you point out, it is our partners’ sanity that is tested, as well as ours. But then, when I talked to Lo and explained what the choices were and why I thought we should do x instead of y, she’d pretty much just agree with me and say “Okay.” Without me having to do any convincing or explaining. Maybe we just think alike. Maybe you and Vanessa do, too.

    Let us know how your appointment goes on Wednesday.

  6. Hmmm, that’s a lot like many of my conversations with D. Just insert South Park or the Daily Show for the L Word!

  7. e.

    HA! I am glad to see A and I are not the only ones that do this! She is actually preparing a post for her blog about it…

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