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IM transcript– How decisions get made in the Indyness/mel household

[10:48] Melody: Depending on what Dr. G says on Wed, I want to consider one more insemination with injectables with a new donor in early May. If I didn’t get pregnant, we could skip the next cycle and start Lupron or whatever in late June for a July IVF.
[10:48] Melody: What do you think?
[10:49] indyness: i’m totally down with that
[10:49] Melody: OK.
[10:49] indyness: i was just reading the l-word recap
[10:49] indyness: from season 4
[10:49] Melody: I think I could wait that long for IVF if I knew we were trying to do something in the meantime.
[10:49] indyness: did you know they kill dana?
[10:49] Melody: ha ha ha
[10:49] Melody: Yes
[10:49] indyness: you suck
[10:49] indyness: i agree
[10:49] indyness: i’m on board
[10:49] Melody: I’ve been trying really hard not to tell you what happens later.
[10:49] indyness: ha ha
[10:49] Melody: OK. I love you.
[10:49] indyness: i love you too
[10:50] indyness: are you my baby?
[10:50] Melody: 100%
[10:50] indyness: or are you only with me for the money?
[10:50] Melody: ha ha
[10:50] Melody: If that was the case, baby, I would have left you long ago.



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