Repro suckage

I’ve been waiting all day for my beta results, but I already knew what they were going to be because we took a home pregnancy test on Saturday morning. Negative. Now that it’s over, I’ll tell you that I made 20 eggs last month, and 11 of them were mature. That’s the kind of odds we were playing and still nothing.

It looks like the doctor wants us to sit out April no matter what b/c he wants us to come in and talk. The earliest we can get in is 4/4, and the minute I stop taking the progesterone, my period is going to start. So 4/4 would make it too late in my cycle for us to do any meds next month. Maybe it’s good. I’m frustrated to sit on the bench in April but not quite sure what we should do next anyway. IVF seems like the obvious choice, but we don’t have any word on how much that’s going to cost yet. We also have to consider whether or not we should try a new donor and, given the cost, think about whether adoption makes more sense.



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4 responses to “Repro suckage

  1. Co

    I’m sorry, Melody.

  2. vee

    That truly sucks, though I’m kind of glad you’re not pregnant with 20!
    I’m really sorry.
    If you’re considering IVF as a next move, with egg production like that, is egg sharing something you’ve considered? Would help keep the cost down.

  3. I’ve toyed with the idea of egg sharing. I’ve been watching Calliope’s story with interest, but there’s no egg sharing program at our RE’s office or anywhere in our area that I’m aware of.

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