Progesterone Rage

I’ve never heard this before! 

When presenting for an IUI procedure, come to the office with a moderately full bladder; do not empty your bladder prior to the procedure. This helps ‘straighten’ the cervical-uterine canal and makes the insemination easier in most cases.

Would have been nice to know 11 freaking months ago! Maybe this has contributed to my discomfort during several IUIs. I know that another part of it has to be that my gyno was using a larger-than-necessary catheter. The RE’s office uses a tiny one. The IUI is over in seconds, and they never have to dilate.  Nice. If I ever become pregnant, I am going to ask my gyno if I can give her staff a presentation on the proper way to perform an insemination. I will include in said presentation a list of the injustices my girly bits have suffered at their hands.

I feel dangerous today– like I want to limit my exposure to others because I’m not sure what will come out of my mouth. I blew up at a co-worker for something I normally would have just bitten my tongue about because trying to have the argument is so pointless anyway. I hate progesterone. Pray for Vanessa and the animals.



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6 responses to “Progesterone Rage

  1. I’d pay to see that presentation!

  2. Co

    I’ve read that about the bladder before, although my R.E. has never said anything about it to me. And honestly, all my discomfort during the IUI is speculum-related…nothing to do with the catheter. I think having a partially full bladder so the cervix is easy to reach is more critical if you have an unskilled practioner, as you clearly did at the GYN’s. That sucks.

    (And I’m too afraid to have a half full bladder during an IUI, unless my R.E. said it was important. I have visions of peeing on his head or doing something otherwise embarassing. Yes, this is how my mind works.)

    I am sorry that the progesterone is making you crazy. It makes me crazy, too. Surely, Buffy and Vanessa understand.

    I’m also wondering… the corpus luteum usually produces progesterone for a part of the luteal phase. If you and I popped tons and tons of follies, does that mean that you and I had extra corpus luteums working overtime during this phase? In addition to the hoo-ha bullets? It may not mean that, but if it does, yowzers! We’re progesteroned UP!

    Take care, TWW mate. I’m rooting for ya.

  3. Is this like roid rage??? FWIW, you are never mean to me at work but then again I don’t reside at your house 🙂

  4. e.

    ummm…they always ask me if i need to use the restroom before the iui. and i always do because i want to wait as looooong as possible after the iui to wee. it’s an irrational fear that i have that i by peeing the sperm will come out. (i know this is crazy.)

  5. Well, I only showed up with a full bladder because a blog commenter told me to. Then, when the nurse called me back, she asked if I wanted to use the restroom!

    I am amazed how little consensus there is on proper procedure!

    I opted to keep my bladder full, and had a very pain-free experience. The RE did use a tiny catheter.

  6. It was cool running in to you guys today! And by the way, I was not being sarcastic when I said I found the fertility talk fascinating; I wasn’t. But I thought afterwards it may have sounded like that. 🙂

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