8 dpo

A few twinges on 6 dpo and 7 dpo that felt like ovulation. What’s the difference between uterine twinges and ovarian twinges? These didn’t feel any lower than I’m used to at O time.

Also, the boobs are heavy and sore. Vanessa and I usually can get away with wearing the same size on top, but I went shopping for her this weekend and what fit me in the store hangs off of her. Of course, sore boobs could be progesterone-related. I started taking the bullets several days ago. They always make me moody, but sometimes they make my boobs hurt, too.

I was out-of-control bitchy with Vanessa this weekend. I know that’s progesterone. It makes me so testy. I kept apologizing to Vanessa for snapping at her and then doing it again. I hate that she bears the brunt of all this.



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4 responses to “8 dpo

  1. Co

    I actually like being on the hoo-ha bullets a little. Physical symptoms aside (those I hate), they affect my personality by making me snarky. I am usually so reserved and nice to a fault. But on hoo-ha bullets, I am more likely to be in a mood to speak my mind. I have friends who find it amusing actually.

    I had twinges at 6DPO, too, as you know cuz we emailed. And I also was like… wait, where is this twinge? That’s not where my uterus is, right? Why am I twinging there? Is that my enlarged ovary still?

    All I know is I’ve never had that happen before ever. Have you had that happen before? If not, I am hopeful for you. I really do believe that different is good when it comes to TTC.

  2. I’ve thought I had twinges before. I’m not getting my hopes up too much. I was surprised by the duration of the twinges I got yesterday afternoon. Would rock if I felt two separate implantations (one 6 dpo and one 7 dpo), but I’m keeping my expectations low.

  3. ju.

    this comment is in response to the one you left on my site —

    i agree, my issues seem very pcos. however, the tests i’ve had done for pcos came up clear. and my ultrasound came up clear for pcos, too! one doctor put me on metformin and i took it for a few months – it did nothing. i’ve done the insulin fasting test… all of that stuff. some of my results (ie, testosterone and adrenal hormones are sky-high) are nuts, but the ones i need to be nuts are fine. what grief!

  4. I always seem to get twinges and some sort of boob sensation. I hope yours are signs of pg!

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