The two week wait sucks.

I’m only 3 dpo, and here I am checking message boards for early pregnancy signs– looking at advice from women who got pregnant w/out even trying? It’s like this is our first cycle or something. My bloating is going down, and I’m actually missing it– just feels like nothing’s going on in there, other than my annoyingly frequent trips to the bathroom b/c my ovaries are still the size of lemons and crowding out my bladder. Come on! Bring on the cramping, the indigestion, the implantation bleeding. I need a distraction!– and a cup of coffee. Oh sweet bean, how I miss you.



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4 responses to “The two week wait sucks.

  1. Yes, distractions, I am always yearning for more distractions in the 2ww. I am sorry to hear that the ovaries are still swollen. Maybe the fluid in the belly that the nurse warned you about won’t be that bad?

    Doesn’t sound pleasant, but maybe all this discomfort will lead to pregnancy!

  2. I am so sending good vibes in your direction. We would love to have a new baby in the neighborhood 🙂

  3. Co

    Ah, see, I still allow myself one cup of caffeinated coffee a day. I can’t give up everything. I’ve been taking warm showers though. I figure that’s enough abuse.

    Thinking good thoughts for you. I am trying to remember this right now, too–it’s really too early for early pg signs. You and I have at least 3 days to wait before we see any implantation spotting. And don’t listen to those women who claim to know the second conception happened. I can’t say they’re definitely wrong, obviously, but it sounds a lot like magical thinking to me. (Ya know, the stuff Piaget observed in children.)

  4. Mel especially enjoys when her mother tells her she knew the exact moment she was pregnant – both times. “I just knew.”

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