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9th time’s a charm/Are babies cheaper by the dozen?

Haven’t been posting over the last few days. Things have been confusing and a little scary. I responded better to the meds than we hoped. Meaning that we got more than we bargained for. I’m not going to say how many follicles I’m carrying around right now b/c the number would probably horrify you. Not all of them are mature, but enough of them are mature to establish the risk of a multiple pregnancy– greater than 3. Insurance does not cover IVF, which would bring us back down to getting only one or two. We are not prepared to pay for an IVF out of pocket just yet and didn’t want to cancel the cycle after everything we’ve invested in this month, so we have agreed to selective reduction if necessary and have moved forward with an IUI this morning– our 9th try in 11 months and our 12th IUI.

Because my ovaries are so full I am swollen, and it sounds like it’s going to get worse before it gets better– for at least two weeks. None of my pants fit. Vanessa and I went shopping. I’m hoping my bosses don’t mind when I show up to work in yoga pants b/c that’s what I’m pretty much living in right now. When I ovulate (don’t think it has happened quite yet), my ovaries will begin leaking fluid, and it won’t have anywhere to go but into my abdomen. When you only release one or two eggs, this fluid is easily absorbed, but we expect me to release significantly more than 1 or 2. The nurse told me that she has seen women in my situation show up for their pregnancy test (2 weeks past ovulation) looking 6 months pregnant. I’m really hoping that’s not me. I’m drinking as much water as humanly possible to help flush it out.



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