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CD6– Injectables Update

I had a Femara headache and dry eyes pretty much all weekend long. I’ll be glad to be off this drug in a couple of days, but as side effects go, headaches are pretty mild. I can gut through it. We started the Follistim yesterday morning. Vanessa wasn’t able to go with me for my CD3 u/s, so I got instructions on giving the injections without her. Consequently, I was ready to go, had the dose all dialed up and the needle screwed on, and she was still obsessing over the directions. So while she read the entire booklet that came with the pen, I sat there staring at the needle. By the time she was done I was so psyched out I couldn’t do it. She had to. Fortunately she seems to have no problem sticking me.

She had to again this morning. It doesn’t really hurt, but I just cannot stick myself– the last vestige of my needlephobia. It stings for about five minutes afterwards– which is longer than I notice other kinds of shots, but there is no bruising or soreness after that.

I believe stress has played a key role in keeping me from getting pregnant to date. I’ve decided to make a concerted effort to keep myself relaxed for the next 2 weeks in an attempt to create an environment conducive to conception. Unfortunately, work is making that pretty tough. 😦



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