Spoke too soon

I feel like crap. I’ve got a headache, and suddenly it’s blazing hot in here. My patience with stupid crap is also dangerously thin, considering that I have another 4+ hours of the workday left to go. Better shut my door.

WTF? I didn’t have these problems with Clomid. I’m hoping my body adjusts after today.



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5 responses to “Spoke too soon

  1. And unfortunately we seem to have had a surplus of stupid crap around here this week….

  2. Co

    I’m so sorry. It’s the Femara you’re reacting badly to? I hate that, especially since Clomid was so easy on your body.

    Hang in there. I am hoping this repro cocktail will be the ticket so you won’t need to consider a different cocktail next time because you’ll be pg.

    For the record, I’m not having any problems with the Follistim so far. I am sure that is not comforting to you given that lots of people probably told you good things about Femara. But I hope that one will be easier on you. Are you using the pen or something else?

  3. Each cycle is different… that’s the one thing I’ve learned in all of this.

    And hopefully you won’t need to move on to IVF, but if you do start looking towards it, def. do a couple of injectable cycles first – see how your body reacts & make sure your E2 levels are being checked to make sure there are really eggs in those follicles. Best of luck to you!!!

  4. Ewww… that doesn’t sound fun at all. Hope the bod adjusts soon!

  5. Co

    Hi. I changed my email address for this reply. Try that one.

    I’d email you directly, but I can’t figure out how to find your email on your blog. You can email me any time. As you pointed out, we seem to be riding on parallel TTC trains.

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