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Spoke too soon

I feel like crap. I’ve got a headache, and suddenly it’s blazing hot in here. My patience with stupid crap is also dangerously thin, considering that I have another 4+ hours of the workday left to go. Better shut my door.

WTF? I didn’t have these problems with Clomid. I’m hoping my body adjusts after today.



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Game on

I had my cycle day 3 ultrasound this morning. No cysts. Left side showed at least 6 antral follicles (potentials), and the right side…  well, my apparently busy bowel obstructed the view of the right. We never did get a look at it, but the nurse said that if I had a cyst there we’d be able to see it. Lessons learned:

1.) Best to eat breakfast so that you can do your business before an u/s

2.) The depths of humiliation to which you can sink at a gyno appointment are bottomless.

I asked the nurse about the birth defect reports with Femara, and she said that the study those reports are based upon was from a very small sample, that they stopped prescribing Femara for a while and started again when new studies were published since that refute the findings– also that the half-life of Femara is so short that it will be out of my system before we could even conceive. It’s a little reassurance at least.

I got a belly shot demo– I think I can do it, even though I’m really not looking forward to it. Took my first dose of Femara today, and I feel fine so far. Follistim starts on Sunday. Another u/s next Saturday. If it looks good, we’ll trigger that night and insem the following Monday morning.

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