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IM transcript– How decisions get made in the Indyness/mel household

[10:48] Melody: Depending on what Dr. G says on Wed, I want to consider one more insemination with injectables with a new donor in early May. If I didn’t get pregnant, we could skip the next cycle and start Lupron or whatever in late June for a July IVF.
[10:48] Melody: What do you think?
[10:49] indyness: i’m totally down with that
[10:49] Melody: OK.
[10:49] indyness: i was just reading the l-word recap
[10:49] indyness: from season 4
[10:49] Melody: I think I could wait that long for IVF if I knew we were trying to do something in the meantime.
[10:49] indyness: did you know they kill dana?
[10:49] Melody: ha ha ha
[10:49] Melody: Yes
[10:49] indyness: you suck
[10:49] indyness: i agree
[10:49] indyness: i’m on board
[10:49] Melody: I’ve been trying really hard not to tell you what happens later.
[10:49] indyness: ha ha
[10:49] Melody: OK. I love you.
[10:49] indyness: i love you too
[10:50] indyness: are you my baby?
[10:50] Melody: 100%
[10:50] indyness: or are you only with me for the money?
[10:50] Melody: ha ha
[10:50] Melody: If that was the case, baby, I would have left you long ago.



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A big congratulations to Co and Lo at The Family O, who have achieved the Holy Grail– conception! Seriously, Vanessa and I are ecstatic for you. It gives us hope that maybe all of this fertility hell is worth it in the end. We wish you a happy healthy pregnancy and baby. Keep us posted.

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Repro suckage

I’ve been waiting all day for my beta results, but I already knew what they were going to be because we took a home pregnancy test on Saturday morning. Negative. Now that it’s over, I’ll tell you that I made 20 eggs last month, and 11 of them were mature. That’s the kind of odds we were playing and still nothing.

It looks like the doctor wants us to sit out April no matter what b/c he wants us to come in and talk. The earliest we can get in is 4/4, and the minute I stop taking the progesterone, my period is going to start. So 4/4 would make it too late in my cycle for us to do any meds next month. Maybe it’s good. I’m frustrated to sit on the bench in April but not quite sure what we should do next anyway. IVF seems like the obvious choice, but we don’t have any word on how much that’s going to cost yet. We also have to consider whether or not we should try a new donor and, given the cost, think about whether adoption makes more sense.


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Progesterone Rage

I’ve never heard this before! 

When presenting for an IUI procedure, come to the office with a moderately full bladder; do not empty your bladder prior to the procedure. This helps ‘straighten’ the cervical-uterine canal and makes the insemination easier in most cases.

Would have been nice to know 11 freaking months ago! Maybe this has contributed to my discomfort during several IUIs. I know that another part of it has to be that my gyno was using a larger-than-necessary catheter. The RE’s office uses a tiny one. The IUI is over in seconds, and they never have to dilate.  Nice. If I ever become pregnant, I am going to ask my gyno if I can give her staff a presentation on the proper way to perform an insemination. I will include in said presentation a list of the injustices my girly bits have suffered at their hands.

I feel dangerous today– like I want to limit my exposure to others because I’m not sure what will come out of my mouth. I blew up at a co-worker for something I normally would have just bitten my tongue about because trying to have the argument is so pointless anyway. I hate progesterone. Pray for Vanessa and the animals.


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8 dpo

A few twinges on 6 dpo and 7 dpo that felt like ovulation. What’s the difference between uterine twinges and ovarian twinges? These didn’t feel any lower than I’m used to at O time.

Also, the boobs are heavy and sore. Vanessa and I usually can get away with wearing the same size on top, but I went shopping for her this weekend and what fit me in the store hangs off of her. Of course, sore boobs could be progesterone-related. I started taking the bullets several days ago. They always make me moody, but sometimes they make my boobs hurt, too.

I was out-of-control bitchy with Vanessa this weekend. I know that’s progesterone. It makes me so testy. I kept apologizing to Vanessa for snapping at her and then doing it again. I hate that she bears the brunt of all this.


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When did I become a masochist?

Unless there is some kind of bloating, intestinal distress, stabbing pain, cramping, or nausea, I find it impossible to imagine that I am pregnant, and I am worried and anxious. Bring on the pain.


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The two week wait sucks.

I’m only 3 dpo, and here I am checking message boards for early pregnancy signs– looking at advice from women who got pregnant w/out even trying? It’s like this is our first cycle or something. My bloating is going down, and I’m actually missing it– just feels like nothing’s going on in there, other than my annoyingly frequent trips to the bathroom b/c my ovaries are still the size of lemons and crowding out my bladder. Come on! Bring on the cramping, the indigestion, the implantation bleeding. I need a distraction!– and a cup of coffee. Oh sweet bean, how I miss you.


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