Return of Nurse Lunch Lady

Because of the snow our consultation with the RE got cancelled twice this week, and we couldn’t get a rescheduled appointment until what will likely be Day 7 or 8 of my next cycle. I wasn’t really planning on sitting on the bench longer than one cycle, and if we’re going to sit another month out, I at least want more tests in the interim. I called the nurse practitioner and kissed her ass long enough for her to tell me that she would ask the RE to review my file tomorrow and see if anything jumps out at him, ie. more tests we should be doing. I got the whole “When a couple has been trying as long as you have and not getting pregnant, sometimes you’ve gotta take a step back, talk to the RE, and review the options.” How infuriating– like we are not wanting to review the options?! Like I am just being impatient and trying to force them to escalate me to meds I don’t need? I want to talk to the doctor! Vanessa reminded me that you get more flies with honey, though, so I gritted my teeth and explained politely that I realize we need to talk to the doctor before proceeding and that we’ve been making concerted effort to do so but that nature is kind of working against us here– no one’s fault really. She brought up injectables, which I am prepared for but not without some more bloodwork first. I asked what injectables will get me that Clomid won’t, since we know I’m getting good sized follicles, and she told me that sometimes follicles can be empty. There is no way to know if there are actual eggs in them without IVF.

Empty follicles. My mind is blown. From what I’m reading online, it seems like this is not all that common and that it rarely repeats itself month after month, so I doubt that’s our problem, but it does sound like injectables could net us a little more control (can we get much more controlled?), more follicles, and higher quality follicles. Chances of multiples goes up from 5% to like 25%, but at this point twins would actually be welcome. Vanessa and I are both thinking that IVF feels inevitable, but I think I’d like to try at least 1 cycle of injectables before-hand to see how my body reacts and how many follicles we get. It’s a “cheap” dress-rehearsal for IVF– same drugs. If we end up doing IVF, I want to make sure we’ve got the formula just right. Also on the table– Vanessa’s eggs, my body. That definitely requires an in-person consultation with the doctor.

In other news, I’ve finally gotten around to adding some of the TTC blogs I read on a regular basis. To those of you who comment here frequently– sorry it took so long for me to realize I could do this. Vanessa started the blog and has some rights I don’t have, and I just assumed that adding links was something I couldn’t do.



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2 responses to “Return of Nurse Lunch Lady

  1. Note to self: Review IndyMel’s rights.

  2. Co

    I’m considering injectibles, too. I’ve heard they are easier on your body actually, and I think they can net you more and better follies.

    I wouldn’t worry about empty follies. I doubt you’d have a 27-mm empty follie.

    Hugs. This whole process is SO frustrating.

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