Go Colts

When you say, “Go Colts,” what are you cheering? I believe the Colts are worthy of our cheers, but I often wonder what all the screaming is about. I believe the Colts are champions not only because they won the Super Bowl, but because of their journey to become champions.

In order to be good at something, you have to practice. The Colts are champions because they practiced. They also had faith in their ability to achieve. They created an environment (both with the fans and their organization itself) that was conducive of practice, perservance, and faith. To be sure, having all these elements doesn’t assure success. If you show up enough times, eventually it’s your turn. Dungy and Irsay can say whatever they want about God, but sometimes you have probability on your side.

When I see people screaming and acting crazy for the Colts, I often wonder why they’re responding in such emotional ways. The Colts are a for profit business. Jim Irsay is an investor. The Colts organization has done a great job of marketing itself. They have some wonderful strengths, but this is big business. The Colts aren’t a charity, and this victory hasn’t come cheap for the city of Indianapolis.

I’m willing to give a nod to the accomplishments of the Colts organization and even allow myself to be inspired by it, but I’m not ready to go crazy.


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  1. I know – did you guys watch the CRAZY traffic and shit downtown in the sub-zero weather?

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