Peggy Alert

I’ve been dealing with some Mom issues this past week. I can’t really go into details, but I felt like I should reveal that they involve her former employer, Marsh Supermarkets. She was accused of doing something she didn’t do, and the whole thing got blown out of proportion. Fearing that she might go to jail (which was never a possibility), she signed a promissory note agreeing to pay back way more money than she has. (Sounds like the familiar story of Marsh using money from the working poor to subsidize their operations.) She just wanted the whole thing to go away, never mind that she was coerced into making a “confession”. There are two sides to this story, and she isn’t entirely innocent, either. But, Marsh took it too far. I’ve offered Marsh the opportunity to remedy the situation, and they are taking steps in that direction. I may change my tune a little depending on how things turn out.



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