On a recent trip to the bathroom…

I discovered tooth holes in one of my favorite pair of underwear– a lucky pair that I like to wear to inseminations (on second thought, perhaps not so lucky) and when I make presentations. Damn you, Buffy! Is this how you repay MamaMel’s unwavering love and affection?

I can’t believe I didn’t notice this when I put them on this morning. I hope I don’t get a car accident on the way home. Shirley will never forgive me if I end up in the hospital in these.



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8 responses to “On a recent trip to the bathroom…

  1. How many pairs collectively do Rock Star Rosie and Buffylicious have to destory before you guys start placing them out of reach? 🙂 Bella chewed up two different work bags of mine (I guess meaning Mom please don’t leave me and go to work?) so now we place anything of value out of tooth’s reach. I know having a clothes chute probably helps our cause in terms making clothes inaccessible to the Stinks. I also know we need to teach her not to chew, but this is just easier for now. Small steps 🙂

  2. Buffy usually does a grab and go while you’re trying to do laundry. I caught her with the underwear in question. I didn’t think she did any damage.

  3. Grab and go 🙂 Buffy is the Panty Pickpocket!

  4. Co

    Oh, Buffy.

    Oh, dogs.

    We got garbage pails with lids so our Maggie couldn’t find stuff in the garbage, like snotty tissues, and scatter bits of them all over the house. Maggie recently learned how to lift the lid with her snout. Trash cans with heavier lids may be in our future.

  5. Our trash cans (heavy lids and all) reside behind closed doors unfortunately.

  6. We have a trash can with a lid that’s spring-loaded. You press a button on the front of it and the lid pops up. None of our furkids have figured out how to operate it yet.

  7. We have a trash can with a similar design. It used to be pretty stainless steel. Now it’s all dented and lives in the basement landing behind the door. Bella can operate the foot thing that opens the lid, and Mister just uses his size to muscle the thing over and open.

  8. Oh, the things our underwear can communicate about us…

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