Marsh Lands at Crystal Flash

I’m really disappointed to hear that David Marsh, former president of Marsh Supermarkets, is now the president of Crystal Flash. I worked for Crystal Flash for three years and always thought very highly of the Fehsenfeld family and John Madden, their former president. John did a lot of good things for CF. If you watch any local news, then you’ve probably seen John representing CF. He was especially vocal when Governor O’Bannon suspended the gas tax in 2001.

My mom works for Village Pantry, which is owned by Marsh Supermarkets. Village Pantry stores are convenience stores similar to CF’s stores. They even use a lot of the same antiquated technology. What they don’t share is the way that they treat their employees. CF is very good to their employees. They have a top-notch Director of Human Resources in Kathy Marra-Wert. There’s no monkey business on Kathy’s watch. I can’t say the same for VP. Some of the things that my mom has had to endure while in Marsh’s employ are just unbelievable. I hope that David Marsh doesn’t turn out to be a negative influence on CF.




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2 responses to “Marsh Lands at Crystal Flash

  1. This is really depressing news. I wonder what happened to John Madden. Maybe he retired. I can’t believe anyone in Indiana would touch a former Marsh executive with a ten-foot pole.

  2. I’m not entirely surprised that he ended up at CF. There are some parallels between those organizations. I evaluated Marsh as a potential employer when I left CF, but ruled them out. I can never get past the “don’t rape me” card that they make their customers present (and they still overcharge!). And I believe that they deferred maintenance on all their stores in the city (by rebranding them as Lo-Bill) so they could finance expansion in the suburbs. BTW, Marsh, how’s that working out for you?

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