God Bless the Colts

I’ve always believed that sporting events are surrogates for making social bonds. I don’t need to get to know you. I only need to know for which team or driver you’re rooting. You’re a Jeff Gordan fan? Clearly you aren’t my kind of people.

As I watched all the screaming revelers after the Colts game Sunday night, I realized that sporting events are also surrogates for community activities of old, such as harvest time or hunting time. It’s not time to send out a hunting party. It’s time to go to the Super Bowl. And in the same way that God blessed our harvests and hunting excursions, He now blesses our sports teams. For it is but by the glory of God that the Colts won the AFC championship. Let’s make a sacrifice!




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2 responses to “God Bless the Colts

  1. My sports enthusiasm extends to college basketball and that’s about it (and maybe now roller derby). But I watched both football games yesterday. Uncharacteristic for me but not unexpected given Dave’s love for the sport and the fact that his 2 favorite teams were playing yesterday – I find his child-like enthusiasm over Manning and Urlacher quite charming. And he’s totally beside himself with excitement over this turn of events, having the Bears playing the Colts in Superbowl 41. Anyway, while I was definitely rolling my eyes during all the “we are so blessed by God for winning” post-game rhetoric, this whole drive to the Superbowl has been a refreshing series for me for several reasons and I think you’ve pointed out the primary one – the sense of community. New Orleans Saints are a prime example. While football most definitely does not define that city, New Orleans has needed something to believe in and fitting that the Saints had such a great run during their first season back in the Superdome this year – I think any football fan would have been happy to see the Saints get to the Superbowl. And Indy’s been in an uproar over the whole funding of the new stadium business, and now we’ve got a world-class team to put in there. Not that we didn’t before, but this achievement in my opinion is going to lend credibility where it was missing before to the stadium initiative. And Peyton Manning. He’s a bit of a Midwestern good old boy, but he brings class and performance to the game. I’m actually looking forward to watching this game.

  2. I don’t follow football, but with the Saints fever that hit New Orleans this season, I found myself caring a lot more about the game than usual.

    I want the Colts to beat the Bears simply because the Bears crushed the spirits of so many of my friends and neighbors by beating the Saints for the championship. It is weird how that sort of loyalty springs up over sports.

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