Praise The Home Depot!

I don’t know how many of you read my tech blog, but I posted over there about the use of evangelism in selling products and recruiting employees. Here’s an excerpt:

When people stop thinking critically and instead give themselves over to whichever company ignites their passions, then we’re opening ourselves up to manipulation. If it’s happening in selling and recruiting, then this has a significant impact on our economy. Employees can be convinced to give up good paying jobs with benefits to take jobs with companies they “believe” in. Business people can be convinced to buy products that their companies don’t need simply because they want to belong and squelch that uneasy feeling of uncertainty that happens when you step outside the group. It makes me nervous for our future.



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  1. Mel and I ate breakfast at the Chik-Fil-A in Castleton the other morning. With Christian music blaring in the background, the manager exuberantly greeted Mel in that “Hello, Sister!” kind of way. She was instantly annoyed. Thankfully, I was in the restroom. We never have that experience at the restaurant in Southport. I remarked to Mel at the time that I wonder if Christians realize how fake they sound when they take that tone.

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