Sacrificing Public Health

From a CNN article about the increase of nicotine in cigarettes:

“Cigarettes are finely tuned drug delivery devices designed to perpetuate a tobacco pandemic,”

said Howard Koh, the school’s associate dean for public health practice and former Massachusetts commissioner of public health.

From a CounterPunch article about Lilly marketing Zyprexa for off-label use:

For as pediatrician, Dr Lawrence Diller, author of the book, “Should I Medicate My Child,” stated in language relevant here, while testifying before an FDA advisory committee in September 2004, regarding the conduct of companies concealing the adverse effects of drugs and promoting off-label prescribing:

“The blame is clear: The money, power and influence of the pharmaceutical industry corrupt all. The pervasive control that the drug companies have over medial research, publications, professional organizations, doctors’ practices, Congress, and yes, even agencies like the FDA, is the American equivalent of a drug cartel.”

So we have a drug cartel pushing drugs through our doctors’ offices, and those without health insurance can purchase finely tuned devices for delivering drugs at the corner market. That’s scary to think about.



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2 responses to “Sacrificing Public Health

  1. Yep, Merck, Lilly, and Philip Morris (I’m sorry– Altria) have a lot in common. I never thought about it before.

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