January IUIs, check

This makes 11 IUIs we’ve done total over 9 months (8 active cycles– we took one off). Let’s hope one of these took. As usual, I am cautiously optimistic. We know our timing was good. I surged within 24-30 hours of the first one, and we timed the second one for 36 hours after the trigger shot. At some point, an egg was floating down the same tubes the sperm were swimming up. If this doesn’t take, I’m really afraid of the disappointment, since I don’t feel like we left any stones unturned. I can’t look back and blame our timing. I’m calling today 1 dpo.



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4 responses to “January IUIs, check

  1. Co

    Glad your timing was good.

    Fingers very crossed for you this go’round.

  2. Jen

    We’re sending positive thoughts your way!

    I’m hoping the egg and sperm are doing the dance of love as we speak. 🙂

  3. Jill M

    Hi Melody-
    It’s Jill from the waiting room of Dr. G’s office. It turns out I work with Steph K, whose girlfriend is Steph M, who is a friend of Vanessa’s. Steph K told me about your blog. (Six degrees of separation at work.) I had my IUI on Wed also, and this is my eigth try as well.
    This is my first round with G-Man. I like him too. I’ve been thru a gynocologist as well as another RE. I’ve done it all, the tests, the drugs, IVF – I’d be happy to talk about it and any questions you have ad nauseam.
    I’ve read a good chunk of your blog wanted to thank you for your description of the redneck in the waiting room. As an editor, I could not have found better words.


    ps – i thought the chicken-hatching-out-of-the-egg timer was a nice touch.

  4. Jill,

    You got chicken hatching out of an egg timer? Ours had a ticker shaped like a little sperm!

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